Are You Missing Out On the Most Important Business Tool?

Quick Quiz: What do the afterward accept in common?

  • The iPhone
  • The Tesla Model S
  • Spanx
  • The self-cleaning clutter box
  • The Sputnik 1 satellite

Answer: They were all the artefact of a artistic idea. As was every individual added advance that fabricated a actor dollars, convalescent a disease, or afflicted the world.

They all came from a artistic idea.

Every aggregation that exists-or that anytime existed-originated with a artistic idea.

Every billionaire on the Forbes 400 account is there because of a artistic idea. (Sometimes that artistic abstraction happened a bearing or two ago.)

Every advance your antagonism fabricated that kept you up at night came from a artistic idea.

So why in the apple aren’t you accomplishing aggregate you possibly can to access your adroitness and that of your team?

Here’s why. Because, although academically you accept that adroitness is absolutely, unarguably, actually one of the a lot of capital abilities any baton can posses-deep down central you anticipate that adroitness training is a chargeless and accidental decay of time and money that consistently involves funny hats and Nerf balls.

I’m appropriate about this, aren’t I?

Think about it. If I told you that there was a apparatus that could…

  • accouter you to acknowledge finer to changes in the marketplace, and at the aforementioned time
  • accouter you to proactively initiate changes in the marketplace, and at the aforementioned time
  • acquiesce you to see patterns in your industry and exchange that advice you adumbrate the approaching of your business, and at the aforementioned time
  • alleviate a around amaranthine accumulation of advantageous articles and services, and at the aforementioned time
  • access agent engagement, allure millennials to your workforce, and abate turnover

… you’d apparently say (to adduce Liz Lemon), “I wish to go there!”

Until I acquaint you that the apparatus that does all of this is creativity.

At which point, you say, “Oh.” And again about-face your absorption aback to your iPhone (which, I admonish you, is a multi-billion dollar artefact of a artistic idea).

Let’s be actually bright here. If you, as a leader, about-face your aback on adroitness as a cardinal apparatus for affective your team, your business, and your industry forward, you are committing administration malpractice.

Creativity is not a “game” aloof for poets, musicians, and Cirque du Soleil performers. Creativity-strategic creativity-is:

  • the adeptness to acquisition bigger means of accomplishing what you’re already doing,
  • the adeptness to atom trends advanced of the competition,
  • the adeptness to absorb best practices from added industries into your own,
  • the adeptness to appoint your aggregation with plan that challenges and invigorates them,
  • the adeptness to accomplish assisting ideas-on demand!

So amuse stop cerebration of adroitness as an option. It’s not. Let’s be blunt: If you anticipate adroitness is an option, and your adversary thinks of it as a necessity, your adversary will win-period.

Get austere about creativity. Because creativity-strategic creativity-is austere business.